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Let Us Share Martial Arts Experience with Your Whole Family!

We Teach With the Health of the Whole Student in Mind

Let Us Share Martial Arts Experience with Your Whole Family!

World of Martial Arts, LLC aspires to be the best martial arts facility in the United State of America with the most qualified instructors dedicated to building character and confidence in each student through the participation and enjoyment of martial arts training and related activities. We are committed to providing a learning environment that is safe, professional, and fun!

Martial Arts Training as A Learning Platform for our karate families

  • Physical and Emotional Strength
  • Confidence
  • Social and Personal Skills (Coping strategies)
  • Natural Peer Support
  • Values of teamwork
  • Individual and group responsibility
  • Diversity
  • A sense of culture and community
  • Family dynamic education


“I’ve really enjoyed participating in Jiu-Jitsu with my kids; it makes me appreciate all the training and hard work they put into their karate classes.”

-Ben L

“The program has helped me gain self-confidence, leadership skills, and new friendships.”

-Teagan W.

“Karate is fun and challenging! I really like Kubodo and competing in tournaments, and I’ve made a lot of good friends in my class.”

-Tess L.


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