Meet our instructors and support team

Vision Statement

World of Martial Arts, LLC aspires to be the best martial arts facility in the United State of America with the most qualified instructors dedicated to building character and confidence in each student through the participation and enjoyment of martial arts training and related activities. We are committed to providing a learning environment that is safe, professional, and fun!

Brian W. Morrow

Chief Instructor, 6th degree Black Belt

With over 30 years of experience in traditional Okinawan Karate, a Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education, and a Masters in Guidance Counseling, Chief Instructor Sensei Brian Morrow weaves his education and counseling background into the karate program to tailor a training experience to the needs of students of all ages and experience levels. With the strong, but gentle leadership found in our martial arts programs, positive effects can be felt in all areas of one’s life.

Jonathan M. Morrow

Head Instructor, 2nd degree Black Belt

Jonathan Morrow is the head instructor at the World of Martial Arts, LLC. who excels at teaching martial arts to kids and young teens by building a class that not only teaches martial arts but a community where they can grow.. Sensei Jonathan believes that Martial Arts is a marathon, a lifelong journey and this will ultimately allow the students to grow and make a bigger impact. Sensei Jon has over 20 years of experience in the martial arts industry and over 8 years of teaching experience. He has also competed at over 10 international tournaments and became an international champion as well as a notational champion. Sensei Jon holds a second degree adult black belt under an internationally renowned organization; Jundokan International, a bachelor’s degree from University of Idaho, and is currently working towards his certificates for jujitsu. When he’s not teaching karate, Sensei Jon can be found working out at the gym or running with his dog around the block.

Alex J. Pfaff

Instructor, 1st degree Black Belt

My name is Alex Pfaff. I have been doing Karate for about 16 years. I have been assisting and teaching for about 7 years now as well. I enjoy teaching and spreading the knowledge of Karate to others. My goal is to teach real skills that kids can use, even when they leave the dojo. I also recently began teaching Jiu Jitsu as well and it has really helped me to expand my knowledge on ground self-defense. I am currently engaged to my wonderful fiance, Kami. I have a 2 year certificate as an Electro-Mechanical Technician and work as a Drafter for a company out of Colorado. Karate is something that will never leave my life and I plan on training for as long as my body will allow me to. Some interesting facts about me are that I love soccer and it is still one of my favorite sports to play and watch.

Emma Pfaff

Administrative Staff

Emma Pfaff trained in karate for 10+ years and holds her junior black belt. Her goal is to carry on the teaching of true karate in the valley by helping out behind the scenes. Currently she is attending LCSC for a bachelors in secondary math education. When she isn’t at the dojo you can find her reading a book or outside doing something with her dog.